Test preparation - 3rd grade - click on the pictures to enlarge

Studying English grammar - 3rd grade Test self check and self evaluation - 3rd grade - click on numbers 1 and 2 to see glogs for self check and for evaluation scale Playing with letters - GBL - 2nd grade

Test preparation -3rd grade - click 2 links on the glog to see the glog with the test and the slideshow. The real paper test is very similar to this on the glog and kids usually have it after exercising the main points interactively.
Students also can do this activity at home clicking on their Flipped Classroom

This is how we use linoit and vocaroo to improve our reading skills at school and at home. In the section of our wiki "Record your reading" students have an opportunity to read their lesson at home, to record it with vocaroo and to stick it as a note on the lino board. So the teacher always has the chance to listen to them and to give bonuses or preferences.

Here is how I taught my 2nd graders doing that - our first linoit and vocaroo activity. And the first reading of the new lesson, so don't judge us strongly :)

Playing with letters - GB