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The metaphor of leaving the nest and becoming independent is at the heart of our self-directed learning work. Being independent doesn't mean you can't ask for help or seek a mentor, but it does mean that you can think for yourself and pursue your passions. Knowing that there is a safe nest, the classroom/parents, to come to for help and encouragement is comforting.

Room 16 is so thrilled to be sharing their self-directed learning projects with the world. This is my first year attempting this and I look forward to tweaking as we go. Please check out our blog and leave comments for my fifth graders. They are new to blogging and it will be fun to watch their progress throughout the year.

I am also blogging about this process.

We would love to connect with other classes to share ideas, etc. Please contact me at my school email to make arrangements. I do not know how to do google hangout, etc., but want to learn. Please do not try to contact me through this wiki. They have an icloud email for me that I have no idea how to check. :-) You can see that I am not very tech savvy, but I am brave! My school email: