Project list

Libby Collins: Can you teach old dog new tricks- Teaching teaches how to improve their drawing skills
Topic 2: Science Related experiments
Aria: Fashion
Topic 2: Athletes
Sarah Reed: How to make a rainbow
Sarah Miller: Shoes and hats
Topic 2: Sarah Miller and Sarah Reed: Camping
Taiba: White tigers
Paris Jade and Crystal: SPCA
Rishika: Dolphins
Topic 2: Celebrities
Manaia and Dayton: History minecraft
Levi: Tigers and Mine craft
Rihari: Mine Craft
Elexus: Dolphins
La-Eeqah: Purple dolphins
Topic 2: How Ice is formed? Does Ice change colour naturally and why?
Shayden: Sharks
Jahmin, Kori, Miko: MIne craft:Can Mine craft help children to revise mathematicsal topics

Welcome to the Global Genius Hour Project!

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These are the ideas our Room 15 Genius Explorers have come up with to reserach for their Global Genius Hour Projects