Closing out my first Session of Genius Hour...

Well, there is a lot of room for growth and improvement. What amazed me most was how many kids finished at so many different times and how unsure I was of how to manage this. Secondly, how many kids liked the learning and sharing of what they discovered, but didn't move into the creation of their own product... notes I will take into my next Genius Hour. I also saw myself as a coach and a facilitator than ever before. Crazy, I thought I had always operated in those roles as a teacher, but now I see how much more authentic I was as a coach and facilitator through the Genius Hour.
We are now out for summer in my district, but the excitement and enthusiasm did not stop. I am hosting a Genius Hour Summer Session with my neighborhood for those entering 1st through 8th grade (our neighborhood is full of kids this age). I have posted on our Neighborhood Facebook page the following informational powerpoint. Our first "informational" session where I will have some of my students who will be participating share their experience will happen this upcoming Tuesday, June 18th. I am excited!

Welcome to the Global Genius Hour Project!

We are about mid-way through our very first genius hour. We are presently evaluating the amount of information and learning we have gained on our selected passions, is our information valid, do we have the right amount of information to present as an "expert" on our passion. As we move to the presentation component of our Genius Hour we are very excited not just about the passion we seek to become experts on, but also on how we will present this to our peers.
Some ways we have been learning is through a class Twitter account, books, experts in the fields of our passions, and through other classmates passionate about the same thing.
Our teacher has a classroom economy that we have worked with all year. Many of us have saved our money and a way that she is incorporating the Genius Hour and her Classroom Economy is through a "real life" conference called "Genius Hour Symposium." In order to be a registered participant and presenter we must submit a registration form with related costs. Just like if we were attending a professional conference in an area of passion like doctors, educators, lawyers and other professionals do to continue to learn and grow as experts in their field.
May 21st, 2013