Welcome to the Global Genius Hour Project !

Why Genius Project? My Draft ePub (still spell checking and formatting, but here's the draft) -- readable in iBook (best), "Free Books" (small images), and as an extension in your Firefox browser ePub Reader

Who am I?

Sheri Edwards Usually you can find me personally here: Grammasheri
I teach Language Arts in a rural public school in north central Washington State.
I suggested Genius Project Day to my colleagues in middle school, and they accepted the idea.

What does our Genius Hour Look Like?

Our Genius Projects occur each Friday, alternating with different classrooms on each of the first three Fridays of the month. So this Friday I will work with grade eight students for three hours, the next Friday will be grade seven students, and the third Friday will be grade six students. The fourth Friday is Citizenship Day, an awards day for students who have kept up their work, and a work day for those behind.

On days students are not with me, they rotate through Social Studies Project Day and Science Labs, neither of which we would have if not for this Genius schedule due to the focus on school improvement and testing.

What do our students do on Genius Day?

Originally, the plan was for students to follow their passions and interests, and we are working on that, but they ask for not individual time, but rather time for art (which we don't have any more due to the testing focus), writing scripts and creating videos, or online tech/art projects.

The sixth and seventh grade students have been learning coding through my learning with Mozilla Webmaker Community

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