Class 3D call Genius Hour "i-time"as it is our time to inquire into things that interest us personally.

We are a class of 30 Year 3 children (age 7/8) in Hong Kong.

This page shows you what we have been doing....

First the children got a new notebook to use in i-time which they could take home to decorate which caused great excitement!


Secondly we did a brainstorm about ourselves with a key to show our interests (stars), passions (hearts) and wonderings (question marks). We dated this so we could revisit it later.


Next we diamond ranked our wonderings to prioritise our inquiries.

Then we shared our wonderings with the class.


We then thought about the research skills we needed and the different ways we could inquire. We also thought about the ways we could share our learning using our communication skills.

We also thought of some essential agreements as a class for i-time.


We can use different graphic organisers to help us plan our inquiries.


We thought of which tools we needed to use from our digital toolbox.

These are some of our inquiries...


We shared our learning in different ways...


We shared our work in a gallery walk and reflected on our i-time.

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