Genius Hour Edcamp

We recently ran an Edcamp for students to share their genius hour projects in my school. Students volunteered to present their projects, a course selection catalogue was created (from the projects students volunteered to share), and students signed up for courses. This was an elementary school event and ran for one hour, with four 15 minute sessions. We scheduled the courses in one hallway of our building, in eleven different rooms. We had two projects presented at the same time, in each room. Grades 3, 4 and 5 participated. After the hour, we had a "smackdown" in the gymnasium. For the smackdown, we had students sit around a center circle (facing each other). Students stood when they felt inspired to share something they had learned during the edcamp. The event was a success and a great way to celebrate our first year of genius hour!
-Mrs. A

Genius Hour Edcamp 2

The following year, our school ran another Genius Hour Edcamp. The format was the same, but we were able to include 2nd graders this time. These youngsters selected presentations they wanted to view and moved freely with their schedules from room to room.