Our Essential Questions For Our PI Projects

Project Inspiration (PI) 2013 started in October 2012. My two 12 AP English Literature classes are looking forward to sharing what they have been working on over the past several months.

Period 4:

Naomi C's project: After reading A Midsummer Night's Dream, I was inspired to delve into the topic of young love. Is what we as teenagers feel in regards to romance just as valid as older couples? And what sort of an impact does young love have on our futures? I will be giving a talk to the class along with a beautifully crafted powerpoint to emphasize my ideas.

Kate L's project: As making the big college decision approached, I decided to analyze a bunch of major decisions I have made in the past, and how the alternative options would have ultimately shaped me into a different person. I plan to present this information in the form of a giant collage illustrating various taken and regarded paths of my life

Andrew K's project: After reading Catch-22, I decided to explore the concept of insanity as perceived by society, and analyze how it has changed over time. My presentation will be in the form of a Prezi.

Maria M's project: After reading The Kite Runner, and learning about regrets and changing the past, I decided to make a short film about a woman who regrets things from her past and wishes to change them to make her future better. I made a Google Slide Show with all the themes of my presentation (regrets, the past), and then included parts of my film in it through an Animoto video. The idea of the film was based off of the question: How can one event change your entire life?

Abbey T, Kristen R, JiHyun P, and Christina P's project: After we read The Memory Keeper's Daughter, we became intrigued by the sacrifice that was an ever constant topic in the novel. We came up with the question, what would you sacrifice for what you think is right?

Maghan B, Sarah B and Sarah K's project: In the novel, The Namesake, one of the major conflicts from the beginning of the story was what to name the child. Taking this idea from the book, we decided to explore the meaning of a name and how culture affects the name one is given. We researched different cultural naming traditions and interviewed friends, classmates and family members. Along with the information we found on the internet, the interviews are included in the Prezi presentation that we created. We plan on answering the essential question by analyzing the facts we collected in the past few months.

Nikki, Andrew, Grace, and Alexa's Project: We read To Kill A Mockingbird and based our project around the essential question "What is bravery?" We wanted to see how everyone's opinion and interpretation of bravery varied as age, gender, and other characteristics changed. For our project we interviewed multiple people in order to create a well rounded definition and our goal is to make a video including some of the answers we received.

Period 8

Kieran S and Schuyler K's project: After reading Death of a Salesman, we thought about the duties of society to help those in need. To enforce our belief that those in need should indeed be helped, we have organized a concert to benefit the Kelley Doyle Children's Christmas Foundation, that gives Christmas presents to underprivileged children. We have also compiled interviews of other people's opinions on the role of society in helping those in need.

Chris D.'s Project: After reading Catch-22, I decided to explore the question of why society has slowly lost its need for showing respect to others especially my generation. I also give tips on how to give respect to others and earn and receive it from others.

Michelle S, Biz L, and Melanie S's Project: After reading The Invisible Man, we decided to do a project about identity, since that was a significant theme in the book. We are interviewing and recording people's views on the definition of identity, what their identity is and how people view identity, both their own and that of others.

Cassity W.- Music is the most important thing in the world to me. So while I read Snow Falling on Cedars I was imagining a soundtrack to the scenes I was reading; therefore, I decided that I would create a soundtrack to the book. I also looked at how much music impacts people's emotions and reactions to scenes in movies and even passages of literature. My project is based on showing music's importance to my audience.

Matt S. and Gina S.'s project: Reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest inspired us to spread the joy of laughter like the main character in the book did. With this in mind, we went to an elementary schools's fifth grade classroom and did an activity with them. They had to create the respiratory system out of foods. We hoped to capture the importance of laughter.

Liz B. and Mary S. 's project: After reading Pride and Prejudice we decided to do our project on first impressions since that was a central theme in the book. We made a video in which a student doing and an English project in which she goes through a period of discovery over what she had learned through the book and how it has applied to a situation in her own life. She takes the lessons to heart and realizes her own mistakes based on what happens to the main character in the book.

Marston B. Sabato D. and Nick B. Project: We read The Catcher in the Rye and decided to do our project on teen angst and stress. We distributed surveys to other students in an attempt to find what it is that truly causes stress for our demographic, and what contributes to high teen suicide rates, and other emotional trauma.

Erin L., Patrick T., Jack B.: Working off the themes expressed in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, we decided to create a project exploring the power of propaganda's influence over people, utilizing both facts and visceral emotion. We felt the drinking age, considering how close the topic is to the general population, would be great to explore in the context of the powers of suggestion.