Welcome Mr. Masson's Senior Inquiry Project Page!

With inspiration drawn from Julie Jee's Arlington classes, my AP Language students have embarked on half year long inquiry projects of their own. Over the next ten weeks, my students will continue their research, follow through on what promise to be some awesome projects, and deliver TED Talks for their classmates, and possibly a wider audience. With a diverse range of topics and essential questions ranging from a study of extreme sports to a history of surgery, I am in for some really interesting reading over the next couple of months!

Below are some links to the proposals that my students are posting to their 3rd quarter online portfolios. Feel free to poke about a bit on their sites. Hopefully you will find something that you like!

Nate Cooper's Proposal

Nate is a gifted photographer who will be partnering with national historic landmark hotel Mohonk Mountain House to provide a photo essay that extends his study of the evolution of photography‚Äč.

Katherine Groh's Proposal

Katie is a lover of all things Shakespeare. For the next 13 weeks she will be answering the question of just what it is that makes Shakespeare's works endure. In addition to her research paper, Katie will be filming a short series of videos with local actors performing some of her favorite scenes from The Bard and posting them on YouTube. Be sure to check out the link to her poetry blog on her homepage. It's filled with good stuff. My favorite is A Century Can't Be Long Enough.

Marissa Totten's Proposal

Although Marissa claims that she is "...not an English person" the poem on her homepage says differently. Marissa will be examining the human body and the extent to which people push themselves during physical activity and competition. She will be working with a local emergency room doctor and other local medical professionals and possibly crafting replicas of commonly injured body parts.

Kyle Welch's Proposal

Kyle is a Diplomat in waiting. Ask anyone who knows him and they will tell you, Kyle WILL make the world a better place. For a great read, check out his manifesto and then head over to his project proposal.
Here is a snippet:
  • "After researching cultural differences, I will learn why they exist, which will form my essential question: 'Why do cultures have different values and perspectives on issues?' I will use countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North America as case studies, and focus on their views on education, religion, gun violence, media, nationalism, health care, the environment, and poverty."

I will post his blog address as soon as its ready!

I hope that you have enjoyed what you have seen so far. I have a feeling that some great projects will be springing up soon!