Welcome to Ms. Mielke's Class' Genius Hour Projects

We are a third grade class outside of Austin, Texas. This was our first Genius Hour Project and we had so much fun learning about our self-selected topics. We worked on this project for nine weeks both at home and at school. We are very proud of all that we have learned and our final projects.

Our Process:

On the day that we were introduced to Genius Hour, we began brainstorming potential topics and ideas that we were interested in learning about. We collaboratively added our topics on an anchor chart in the classroom. We then were given a planning page to help guide us towards our inquiry question. For our first project, we were mostly interested about learning about a certain topic. The next week, we began researching our topic using a KWHLAQ chart to guide us in our research. Below are our finished projects.

Kylee- Tigers

Wendy- Television

Presley- Bobcats

Beckham- Pyramids

Madisyn- Great Danes
Great Danes

Arabela- Pandas
Pandas Presentation

Adrian- Washington D.C

Jaxon- Volcanoes
Volcano Presentation

Aadil- Light
Light Presentation

Owen- Penguins
Penguin Presentation

Ashlyn- Elephant Seals
Elephant Seals Presentation

Madeline- Pluto
Pluto Presentation


Beginning our Second Genius Hour Project==

We began brainstorming for our second Genius Hour Project by using a collaborative tool called "Tablet".