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Franklin Elementary Genius Hour

We are working to create a library program where students follow their interests each week to search, learn, create, and reflect.

This year we have started digging into possibilities. The students are being exposed to materials that will give them background knowledge to help them figure out what they are most interested in studying. I have stations set up around the library and students are engaging in a combination of guided inquiry and open inquiry projects.

2013-03-25 13.42.15.jpg
Looking at building and robotics. Next year these supplies will be available for students who are interested in continuing to study robotics and programming.

2013-04-05 13.46.13.jpg
Fifth grade has chosen their area of interest for the second semester. They have been studying robotics, programming, cultures and languages, movie making, and book clubs. These student have really learned how to learn collaboratively and independently this year. Their interest in the subject that they chose created a community of learning and sharing each week in our "genius hour" otherwise know as library class. This class has been doing open inquiry all semester and their ideas and learning has been amazing to watch!

Pics and videos to come!

We added a garden to the schoolyard last year. Students have begun to ask their own questions and have started promoting their ideas for living green with experiments and PSAs. Next year students who are interested can continue with this study. Some students have decided that this will be their focus for next year and will come back in the fall ready to finish their projects and continue their research.
Last years success!

What has been most amazing is that the students ask questions and create experiments without any prompting. The process has been organic and exciting. Stations around the library have served as areas to peak interest, from fossils and dinosaur teeth to a deconstruction zone.


The goal of the program is to give students options. First, though, I want them to realize just how many options are out there. I am trying to add more and more hands on options for students to learn whatever they wish.